• Use/Contact
    What if I have any questions about LIPSS?
    After log-in to LIPSS, write your questions in '1:1 Contact.' 
    You will receive answers in a short time. 
    Customer Services Center: Mon-Fri, 10 : 00 ~ 18 : 00 (GMT +9) 
    ※ Answers are given to questions in the order listed and it may be subject to delay.
  • Use/Contact
    How can I register/delete MY LIPSS?
    Click the MY LIPSS icon and register your favorite artist by using the + button in the upper right of the artist.  
    To delete the registered artist, use the - button in the upper right of the registered artist. 
  • Use/Contact
    What is MY LIPSS?
    My LIPSS is a service enabling customers to choose their favorite artists.
    You can check new photos of artists.
  • Change Personal Info
    It is suspected that personal information has been stolen.
    If it is suspected that your personal information is stolen, contact Customer Services Center immediately and use 1:1 Contact. 
    We will respond promptly to solve the problem.  
    Please pay special attention to prevent your ID and PW from being disclosed.
  • Change Personal Info
    I fogot my password.
    If you forgot your password, a temporary password will be sent to your email address after your information (ID, Name, E-mail) registered in [Log in > Find password] are checked.
  • Change Personal Info
    I fogot my ID.
    If you forgot your ID, you can check your ID, which was created when you signed up, after your information (Name, E-mail) registered in [Log in > Find ID] are checked.
  • Sign up/Withdraw
    How can I withdraw from membership?
    Click on the human shape icon (MY) in the upper right of LIPSS website and enter your account information.
    The Withdraw Membership button is shown at the bottom of the page. 
    In case of withdrawal of membership, available coupons are subject to lapse and personal information (information specifying the subject, such as name and email) are retained in accordance with [Laws on Consumer Protection in E-commerce].
    Other information, including Shopping Cart, MY LIPSS, Purchase History, are also deleted. 
  • Sign up/Withdraw
    How do I sign up?
    Click on the human shape icon (MY) in the upper right of LIPSS website and click Sign Up to move to the subscription page.
    ※ Items required: Name, ID(English characters+numbers), Password (English characters+numbers+special characters), E-mail
    ※ You can simply sign up through Facebook.
  • Exchange/Return
    What I ordered is different from what I received. How should I do?
    If what you ordered is different from what you received, write the details in '1:1 Contact' of LIPSS' Customer Services Center.
    After the details of your complaint are confirmed, you will be informed of answers.
  • Exchange/Return
    Exchange is unavailable in which cases?
    Exchange is not allowed for any damaged items caused by customers' mistakes other than any problems that occurred in production and shipment process.