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    What if I have any questions about LIPSS?
    After log-in to LIPSS, write your questions in '1:1 Contact.' 
    You will receive answers in a short time. 
    Customer Services Center: Mon-Fri, 10 : 00 ~ 18 : 00 (GMT +9) 
    ※ Answers are given to questions in the order listed and it may be subject to delay.
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    How can I register/delete MY LIPSS?
    Click the MY LIPSS icon and register your favorite artist by using the + button in the upper right of the artist.  
    To delete the registered artist, use the - button in the upper right of the registered artist. 
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    What is MY LIPSS?
    My LIPSS is a service enabling customers to choose their favorite artists.
    You can check new photos of artists.