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[공지] Important notice regarding international shipping (Last Updated: April 14, KST)

Hello, this is K-Star Official Photo Service LIPSS.

We’re sorry that shipping to the countries below has been suspended due to the suspension of flights because of Covid-19 cases.

Shipping Unavailable
Australia, Argentina, Peru, Russia, Ukraine, Shanghai of China

We can't be sure the exact date for the reopen of shipping to that countries but will let customers know as soon as we reopen the shipping service.

We hope your understanding of the shipping cost has increased by $1~$3/kg due to the cost of air transport has increased significantly due to the Covid-19.
Also, there will be an additional charge for dimensional weight of STAND·FRAME sized products because of Covid-19.

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If you have other questions, please feel free to ask us via 1:1 Contacts.
Thank you.